The MICF Marine Industry Immersion Summer Camp Program has expanded by adding a third camp to the schedule for 2017, continuing to grow. This year we partnered with South Broward High School’s Marine Magnet Program to add 2 full days of Propeller Design and Racing with Ft. Lauderdale-based Frank and Jimmies Propellers. “We are thrilled to be able to add another school and set of students to our expanding summer camp program. We received great feedback and participation from the students at South Broward and we are looking at extending the program throughout the year and into summer 2018,” said Gordon Connell, MICF executive director. He added, “We also want to thank Frank and Jimmies Propellers for their  continued support of this great initiative.”

MICF will also partner with The YMCA to host a 2-week camp at Dillard High School as well as a 2-week camp at Stranahan High School hosted in partnership with Hispanic Unity of Florida (HUF). The Summer Camp program consists of completing 2-weeks of immersion in the local recreational marine industry by students through field trips, guest speakers, and hands-on projects. The program is held in conjunction with Broward Country Schools Summer School and offers opportunities to meet, hear from, and question marine industry professionals from various companies and fields while also undertaking fun marine related projects, such as designing and racing propellers and building and understanding underwater remote operational vehicles (ROV). Check out video footage here of Propeller Racing!




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