In November, MICF teamed up with YachtAid Global as a facilitating partner for its relief efforts to help children and families impacted by Hurricane Matthew in the Bahamas. MICF served as a facilitator supporting YachtAid Global and Yacht Chandlers as they sourced and collected water and other relief supplies.YachtAid Global has been dedicated to providing disaster relief aid and humanitarian support to remote coast communities since 2006. It utilizes an extensive network combining yacht owners, yacht crew, logistics volunteers and donors who purchase and/or deliver developmental and disaster relief aid to affected remote coastal communities.
On November 9-10th YachtAid Global (YAG) in collaboration with the 63m Benetti MINE GAMES and Captain Aaron Abramowitz delivered disaster relief aid to Grand Bahamas – West End which took a direct hit from the eye wall of Hurricane Matthew with winds of over 160 mph and 8-10′ storm surge.
The village was still without power but recently had water restored.   YAG collected about $10k in donations and delivered general aid – basic clothing, bedding, fresh food, first aid and household provisions to about 50 families there, several of whom lost everything due to the storm.  Yacht Chandlers donated the transport of aid to the vessel and also 25 water containers so they have them to fill prior to the next hurricane’s arrival.  YAG volunteers accompanied the crew aboard MINE GAMES and personally ensured the delivery of aid directly to those most in need.
The project would not have been possible without the support from partners like Yacht Chandlers, Marine Industry Cares and the vessel crew.  Thank you.
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