Online Gambling Strategies: Outwitting the House

While it is true that most gambling games are based on pure luck, there are also instances when strategies will work. Accomplished gamblers have developed strategies that allow them to determine which bets to make to allow them a much higher chance at beating the house advantage. It may not always work 100% of the time, but the best strategies are effective at lowering the house advantage and increasing the probability of the player winning.

Every single game has specific strategies that might be effective at chipping off the house advantage. One of the most important things you have to remember when gambling online is that the house is always going to have the edge.

The key is to find a strategy that will not only immunize your losses but also maximize your wins. Below are some of the most popular casino games you can lay online ad the corresponding strategies you can employ to improve your winning odds when playing them.

When playing blackjack, always remember that the goal is to outdo the dealer. To do that, you need to have cards valued closest to 21, higher than what the dealer has, but not more than 21.

Going over 21 means you are busted and you lose. While the best hand is always blackjack or 21, you will still be declared the winner if your hand turns out to be less than 21 but is still higher than what the dealer has. To win in blackjack, you need to figure out when is the best time to hit or to stand.

Hitting means taking another card from the deck to add to your hand. Standing means you’re satisfied with the cards you have and won’t draw any cards anymore. In the game, it is best to stay when you have that’s more than 12 if you can see the dealer’s revealed card is 6, 5 or 4 since this means that he will have a much higher chance of busting.

Make sure to hit when your hand is lower than 17 or if the dealer’s revealed hand is 11, 10, 9, or 8. This strategy will ensure that you’ll have more frequent blackjack wins.

Another popular game at online casinos is craps. The game might seem complicated at first glance due to all the variety of betting options it offers. However, winning more often usually only requires a basic strategy. Placing bets where the house advantage is the lowest will improve your winning chances. Among these bets include come bets, pass bets, as well as bets on 8 and 6.

Slots is also another popular online casino game. Based on pure chance, there’s no way that you can influence the outcome of this random game. What you can do instead is to position your bets in a manner that will allow you to take home some big haul every time you win. This is where the payout rate of a casino matters immensely since it can influence how much you are going to earn whenever you hit a winning combination on the screen.