Baccarat Variations to Check Out when Gambling Online

Baccarat, a well-known casino game, originated from the French. Involving a dealer and players, it is very similar to another popular casino game, Blackjack— where players make wagers against the dealer based on the value of cards in their hand. While Blackjack sees players and dealers race towards securing a hand with a value closest to 21 but not going beyond, in Baccarat, the hand that’s closest to 9 to win.

The banker is responsible for dealing the cards of 8 decks. He is also the one that deals an equal number of cards to the players on the table, which is generally composed of up to 15 punters.

While players in a game of Baccarat all work towards getting a hand with a value closest to 99, unlike Blackjack where a player automatically loses when his card goes over 21, in Baccarat, you don’t lose yet when you get a hand with a value of more than 9. If you end up with a two-digit total, all you have to do is drop the first digit and the remaining number will be your actual value.

For instance, if you were given an initial hand of 8 and 7, the total value is 15. Since you can’t have double digits in the game, all you have to do is drop the initial 1 and you got an overall value of 5. It is up to you to decide whether to take one more card if you’d be happy to make wagers based on the 5 you have.

The game generally requires you to hit when you have a hand with 5 or less, stand when you have anything more than that. In the game, players don’t play against each other, even when they’re on the same table. Instead, they play against the banker.

American Baccarat

Also known as punto banco, this variation of the game is popularly played in North America, Canada and Australia. In this version of the game, the dealer has to exclusively work with a shoe made up of 8 decks of cards.

Chemin de Fer

This Baccarat variation is quite popular in France. In this version of the game, the house doesn’t really risk anything. Instead, up to 100 players on the table are pitted against each other.

Baccarat en Banque

Considered the least played version of the game, three-card decks are used in this game instead of the usual eight.


If you don’t like the number 13, then you’d love this game and how it doesn’t use 13 in the game. Perfect for the superstitious gamblers, this version includes fewer tables playing against the same odds as a typical Baccarat game.

Often the most commonly-featured Baccarat game in online casinos, the game sometimes uses 6 decks. Remember that to win the game, players have to predict whether the dealer’s or your hand that’s got a value closest to 9. If you believe that both have the same, you have the option to make a wager on a tie too.

However, in Baccarat, ties very rarely happen. They do offer the highest payout among all the bets. Still, it would work better for you to steer clear from bets like that.